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Hey there -I'm Bri

I believe it’s always good to laugh at yourself, there’s never a bad tasting chewy chocolate chip cookie and strongly believe in printing and hanging your photos! 
Growing up I always was drawn to being artistic except....I wasn't. I tried watercolor painting, crochet, drawing, even the Ukulele. I knew there was some sort of creativity inside me but nothing was landing. Then after I had two boys I had a daughter and I found my! Ever since then, I have been pursuing this expressive outlet that I just can't get enough of! There’s so much that inspires me: light, a beautiful dress, a field of flowers, and simplicity of just a studio and my subject. 

your adventure partner.

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Choosing a photographer is more important than you think. I’m not just telling you to smile then clicking the a button. You are inviting me into the intimate moments from when you share a kiss as a newly engaged couple, to your wedding day, or even into your home to welcome the newest addition into the world. You are trusting me to pull a smile out of a napless two year old or a grumpy husband. I can do that for you and more! Let’s capture the ungraspable to hang on your walls for years to come!

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